Payrolls can be run weekly, fortnightly or monthly as required and payslips and reports are provided as necessary.

All you need to do is let us know what you want to pay your staff and we will do the rest, calculating the tax and National Insurance contributions and submitting the RTI reports to HMRC.

Once all this has been done, we will send you the relevant reports and payslips by email or by post, ready for you to pay your staff.

All starters and leavers are processed without extra charges, and P45’s are provided to you. The payroll year end is also included in the cost and all current members of staff will receive a P60.

Most employers now have to set up and and maintain a pension scheme for their employees.

We can set this all up for you at a one off cost, ensuring your employees receive all the letters required.

We can also set up an actual scheme for you and submit the required information to the Pensions Regulator.

Once this is done we can process the pension as part of running the payroll (for an additional small fee) and let you know what you need to pay.

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