About Us

KST was formed in 2004, when Simon had had enough of working for other accountancy practices. Having had his own client base for some time we decided to form KST and started working from home.

One year later Kathy joined the practice full time, bringing not only her bookkeeping skills but also her knowledge of human resources, and we had moved to our first offices in West Midlands House.

One year later we needed to move again, having gained more staff, so we moved across the road to a self contained office. Three years later we had outgrown our premises again and so moved to our present premises.

When forming the practice, we asked several businesses what they didn’t like about accountants. The answers varied from only seeing their accountant once or twice a year with a large bill to their accountant using language they didn’t understand. They also told us they were afraid to pick up the phone to discuss any issues because they knew their accountant charged by the minute.

We took these answers on board, and decided on an accountancy practice with a difference. We took away the minute-by-minute charges and developed an annual fee that could be agreed in advance and then paid in monthly instalments. This ensured our clients wouldn’t be worried about receiving any unexpected bills or being charged for every phone call or letter.

Finally we decided that our clients deserved individual attention. We knew from personal experience that there is nothing worse than having to explain your situation to person after person, so we allocated each client to a small team, ensuring that clients were always able to talk to someone who knew them and their business intimately.

With over 40 years of experience of accountancy and specialists in a wide range of fields KST takes pride in the personalised services it offers. We are always evaluating our services and developing new ways we can assist our clients so why not give us a call to see how we can help you?

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